Health System Cheat Sheet to the Health Care Realities in 2024

Michael Kleinmann | Managing Director Key Takeaway The 2024 health care landscape's evolution demands health systems navigate technological, patient-centric, and efficiency transformations reflective of their archetype...

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April 15, 2024
Celebrating Five Years of Edera!

A look back on five years of innovating, giving back, and making a difference It’s time to celebrate! 2023 marks our fifth anniversary… five exciting years of Edera. Five years...

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July 7, 2023
Brightest minds clinical informatics
Edera Brightest Minds Webinar Kickoff: The Future of Clinical Quality

Access to data is rapidly increasing, which is leading to significant changes to measuring clinical quality and health outcomes. As a health care consulting company, we at Edera are constantly...

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May 5, 2023
Digital Twinning

The world at large has faced unprecedented changes and as we continue to deal with the aftermath of the post pandemic era, we continue to find new ways of working...

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April 21, 2023
Five Steps to Living and Leading Change

Effective change leaders — and that should be every leader in the organization from the top down — acknowledge that change affects them personally. Those leaders work through their own...

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April 14, 2023
GiveBackRx connects over 65,000 to deliver first-of-its-kind discounts to consumers and donations to nonprofits

Edera, which operates the National Coordination Center, recently introduced givebackRx (, a pharmacy discount card that allows the user to make a donation to the charity of their choice with...

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January 3, 2023