We bring knowledge and relationships from key vendors and health care organizations that often become the source of data required for quality measure development. In addition, we have access to technology assets from multiple vendors that allow us to rapidly respond to client needs, such as:

  • Data transformation
  • Data mapping
  • Analytics (including natural language processing [NLP], artificial intelligence [AI], and voice sentiment analysis)
  • Three-Dimensional reporting

We bring Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)-certified solutions to the health care marketplace. This dedicated focus promotes collaboration and communication for large-scale transformations. Dedicated to high-level stakeholder group engagement, while at the same time managing data or information securely across the transformation ecosystem, our solutions include tactical features, such as:

  • Digital communication messaging
  • Future-focused communications planning
  • On Demand Transformation Data Analytics
  • Event registration and automated follow-up management
  • Parking lot administration

We leverage our Fusion™ Methodology to bring project delivery best practices to life for the commercial and public sectors. Our key differentiators are in adapting methods to real-life practices at scale. With an extensive library of tools and techniques, we specialize in:

  • The latest project management trends
  • Sophisticated data visualizations
  • Concrete deliverable expectation management