Industry best practice advisors (IBPAs) bring clinical expertise in all health care fields, including health care specialty areas. We support you at every phase of the system-design lifecycle for (EHR) implementations and beyond, including:

Clinical Driven Revenue Cycle (CDRC)

During transition, a sharp increase in time demands will highly tax your entire team, including clinicians, leadership, administration, and informaticians. We specialize in bringing the right industry expertise to drive the project forward, lead events, reduce the operational impact on your organization, and help inform quick and safe decision-making. Our EHR implementation staffing support services include:

  • Clinical program and project management
  • Clinical executive roles
  • Clinical informatics roles
  • EHR-specific health care subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Clinical IBPAs
  • Staff augmentation to lead implementation or backfill roles
  • Health care and clinical at-the-elbow support

During our planning and analysis phase, we support the selection of the EHR system and organizational readiness for implementation. We evaluate internal infrastructure, which includes logistics, people, process, and technology. We work to understand the goals of the organization and develop a laser-focused strategy and approach to meet the organization’s objectives.

Current-State review by department

  • Developed strategy and approach
  • Organizational change management assessment and plan
  • Clinical project timeline and program integration

Clinicians are crucial to the successful design of EHR, supporting end users and advancing the delivery of safe patient-care. Our clinical design recommendations are based on the system supporting the users in operational functions for efficiency and compliance, based on the organizations policies. Our thorough end-to-end functional testing is completed using scenarios with actual approved workflows to mimic true operations.

  • Standardized guidance/policy and procedures
  • Business process redesign
  • Workflow development
  • Pre-Conversion readiness assessment with intervention
  • Testing and validation

Our implementation support brings organizations robust event planning and execution, proven to increase user go-live readiness and confidence. These sessions are designed to be collaborative experiences amongst end users in group settings and they create transparency in system function dependencies. Above all, they are designed to empower end users with a strong command of the functionality and an enduring adoption of the new system.

  • Mock Go-Live
  • Provider adoption
  • Training and learning management system
  • Super-User bootcamp
  • Favorites fair
  • Cutover and Go-Live support

Our clients value our approach to sustainment, which begins at project inception. We concurrently build foundational sustainment activities and processes to be used long-term, strengthening an organization’s ability to substantially reduce the flurry of activities post-Go-Live. With processes firmly in place, organizations can better direct support for end users during this critical time.

  • Change governance program
  • Health checks (post Go-Live) with recommendations/interventions
  • Call center operations
  • Clinical optimization and sustainment
  • System analysts/builders

We provide Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle (CDRC) support to assure a collaborative operation and bridge communication between clinicians and the patient accounting team. Our CDRC service is optimally initiated with the start of the project before Go-Live, with the building and testing of 100% of charge codes, validating the accuracy of mapping and code build to the driving documentation. Alternatively, we have supported new clients by optimizing the revenue cycle when their previous EHR conversion fell short of revenue expectations.

We help clients:

  • Improve clinical documentation quality and compliance
  • Independently perform and validate accurate charge-code build
  • Optimize charge build and clinical documentation from a previous implementation
  • Achieve desired revenue cycle key performance indicators (KPIs)

What Our Clients Say