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Edera powers the National Coordination Center (NCC), a national network of Industry Best Practice Advisors (IBPAs). We tailor multidisciplinary teams of IBPAs and consultants to address all aspects of your unique challenges, resulting in enduring solutions.

Driven to Make a Difference

Edera is a “purpose before profit” social enterprise venture driven by socially beneficial missions. We exist to help organizations build better businesses and effect positive change in society.

Solution and Service

Our Offerings

Clinical Support

Our Clinical Team provides exceptional, experienced clinicians from a wide variety of disciplines, to support clients at every phase of electronic health record (EHR) implementation and optimizations. We build the skill sets of local team members for optimal levels of adoption and ongoing sustainment.

Revenue Cycle Support

Our certified, dedicated team will make an immediate impact within Patient Access, Health Information Management (HIM) Coding, Patient Billing, and Account Management services.


Our Clinical Quality Team supports and shapes initiatives with leading organizations in quality monitoring, measurement, and development.

Our Capabilities

Management Consulting

Our management consultants deliver ingenuous, end-to-end solutions to help advance the mission of the Quadruple Aim for healthcare transformations and more.


We partner with clients to break down complex information, clearly communicate impact, and drive action through compelling narratives and visuals.

Digital Solutions

Our technology specialists bring our clinical ideations to life, with the patient at the center. Our scalable innovations drive growth and continuous improvement for health delivery organizations.

Our Contact Vehicles & Certifications

Our team has centuries of collective experience working for and with the federal government and private companies, specializing in large-scale health care transformations.

The world at large has faced unprecedented changes. As we deal with the aftermath of the post-pandemic era, we continue to find new ways of working. Return-to-work hybrid models have become normalized, but a pressing need for automated solutions to streamline workflows continues to drive forward new interventions. Join us on the journey with the following contract vehicles.

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