Edera L3C Reaches Agreement to Make Compass Product Suite Available Through Salesforce App Exchange

Published on February 15, 2021

Compass™ is an innovative application suite that merges leading technology with proven best practices to create powerful solutions. It allows you the flexibility to custom build the perfect solution package for your organization from a variety of applications and functions. Arming your teams with the right tools positions them for success and creates excellent experiences for staff and customers alike. Edera has historically provided the tool as a managed service embedded in its consulting services which provides flexibility to directly respond to client need. Edera has reached agreement to make Compass™ Change Navigator as the first module of the product suite available to our clients directly through our the Salesforce App Exchange. More information on Compass™ is available at www.my-compass.io.

 Compass™ | Change Navigator… in Action

Now more than ever, organizations are evolving in response to a changing world – especially in our global pandemic environment. Whether that change involves shifting from in-person to remote meetings or managing productivity and participant engagement, National Coordination Center’s (NCC’s) new Compass™ | Change Navigator equips organizations with the tools to reimagine how they work and engage with their clients. Powered by proven FEDRamp and HIPAA compliant technology from Salesforce, Amazon, Adobe, and Acquia, we bring best practices in change management combined with industry-leading technology.

Compass™ | Change Navigator is an innovative organizational change management (OCM) capability that leverages Salesforce and proprietary user-centric methodology to support people, process, and technology changes. By combining user and human-centered design, analytics, and automation capabilities, Compass™ | Change Navigator guides change initiatives, drives mass personalization at scale, and streamlines reporting that provides transparency in user performance and engagement levels and optimizes status reporting across multiple stakeholders. Compass is currently being leveraged at several of the largest healthcare organizations in the world.

“We believe that change is really the only constant in today’s healthcare and economic environment,” says Dr. Kevin Carr, NCC’s Chief Executive Officer. “You’ll see a lot of tools within Compass™ | Change Navigator that are focused on managing change across a distributed environment where there is a combination of remote and in-person engagement. We  track activities across the enterprise in a way that allows you to target your interventions using a proven methodology.”

In our ever changing world where being face-to-face is not always an option, Compass™ | Change Navigator enables teams to leverage technology and methodology to create an interactive, personalized environment for end users to learn about organizational changes (structural, process, or technology) to their workplace, understand its impact on their work activities, engage with staff who are shepherding the change, and ultimately adopt the upcoming change.

The dynamic functionalities of Compass™ | Change Navigator allow organizations to create user journeys, manage virtual and in-person events, automate outreach and engagement, conduct surveys, and capture and report real-time engagement and performance metrics using a centralized platform. It also supports integration with any change model (e.g., NCC’s Fusion OCM Methodology, the Prosci Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement® [ADKAR®] Model), or client-specific framework.

User Journeys

Managing the people side is key to any change initiative. With Compass™ | Change Navigator’s user journeys, clients can map out the steps of participant engagement using a series of communications, events, and targeted learning steps that culminate in milestone markers for tracking individual progress. The ability to include mitigation paths for digital and consulting interventions when a participant misses key steps along the journey (e.g., not opening or responding to communications or participating in required events) is a key feature of the user journey functionality.

User journeys can be grouped according to any change model or client framework with reference to the user journey as Stages of Change for guiding program activities and managing individual change. Dr. Carr describes applying the patent-pending application of Stages of Change to the journey as “taking an approach health care providers use with their patients to change behavior and turning it inward on themselves. They understand it and can more quickly jump in to help with the change management program.” User journeys can be tailored according to an organization’s needs, whether simple and linear or complex and scalable.

At the outset, participants receive a personalized view of their end-to-end journey, allowing them to navigate their program requirements and track their own progress. Participation is captured throughout the journey for reporting real-time engagement and performance metrics. Participants receive individualized milestone summaries, next-step communications, and badges for completing required steps. Clients resonate with the holistic approach and focus on transparency and communication for creating awareness and accountability.

Event Management

Compass™ | Change Navigator’s event management capabilities allow clients to easily organize multiple in-person and virtual meetings or events – from a single meeting with a few participants to multiple events with numerous sessions and participants across different geographic locations. Event participants can be automatically registered or invited to register for sessions on the events landing page. From there, communications can include calendar invites for registered sessions and a link to the events page for viewing and downloading materials, asking questions, and completing surveys, allowing seamless engagement for both event managers and participants.

With Compass™ | Change Navigator, clients can monitor participant responses to event invitations and automatically send subsequent invitations to those who have not registered. Attendance for all events can be viewed in easy-to-interpret data visualizations or drilled down by session. Compass™ | Change Navigator also provides tracking for attendance at the person level, allowing managers to view individual attendance over multiple events.

Participants can access event materials and ask questions before and after events, while leadership is able to monitor participant engagement and initiate timely outreach. Participants complete event surveys digitally, allowing responses to be compiled in real time and automatically displayed in data visualizations. This makes it easy for users to view data insights and export reports with detailed descriptions, graphs, and personalized metrics to keep leadership and/or clients informed of progress.

Compass™ | Change Navigator is accessible for OCM teams to view real-time engagement and performance metrics, allowing them to understand where participants are in their continuum of change and engage with them in a personalized way. It also can support OCM team assignments and documentation of consulting interventions at the individual level to manage outreach activities.

Whether an organization is looking to solve internal or external problems, or needs one module or a combination of service offerings, Compass™ | Change Navigator’s centralized platform offers the flexibility and scalability to drive any change. As the platform continues to expand, Compass™ | Change Navigator will become an indispensable tool for organizations looking to adopt the future.